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To the Future

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Examples of Special Features that You May want to have setup in Profit Power

1.Letters Help Broker Gain Leads – Learn More

2.Help Increase Efficiency plus Lower Receivable Levels: Email Agent Bills – Learn More

3.Help The CFO: Use Either/Both Interface Accounting or BO S’s GL+AP – Learn More

4.Grow the Client Base – Learn More

5.Help with Mergers – Learn More

6.Keep Your Agents Informed – Learn More

7.Realogy Pull from Crest – Learn More

8.Save $ Printing MICR Checks – Learn More

9.Direct Deposit – A Win Win for Agents & Staff – Learn More

10.Use Online Module to Import Listings & Offers – Learn More

11.Training Onsite Multiplies Benefits – Learn More


Profit Power Benefits

From BOS Moved to Profit Power Customer Survey:

  1. Correcting a transaction in Profit Power is much easier. If an agent was overpaid, it will automatically apply the overage to the agents AR’s and adjust their 1099 amount. If an agent of underpaid enter in the correct amount and then the system will generate a check for the difference.
  2. Agents are notified every time they are paid by email.
  3. The automatic emails come in handy for agents who work from home offices or are out of town, and also for agents who are direct deposit.
  4. Agents also have access to the agent portal, which allows them to see their production, pending’s, AR’s etc. This site will also allow the agents to make an AR payment with a credit card instead of needing to reach a person to take care of it.
  5. AR statements are automatically emailed to every agent instead of sending a hard copy to each agent.
  6. The support team is amazing and super helpful. They get back to me quickly and are always able to solve any issues I may be having.
  7. The owners, qualifying brokers and office managers are notified of daily transactions by email.
  8. The office managers and qualifying brokers have access to reports. Instead of needing someone in the accounting department to run and send to them.
  9. The biggest benefit for me is the reporting of Franchise Fee. We had to re-enter everything from Real Easy into DASH before we could pay the Franchise Fee. I would spend hours entering and reconciling Franchise Fee before I could pay it. Now it takes me less than an hour to download and pay.
  10. The direct deposit feature is quick and efficient.
  11. The system has also reduced the number of checks that we print. The system only prints checks for the agents that aren’t set up as a direct deposit.
  12. A small function but one that is super helpful for me, is the Payment and Check Holds Instructions section for agents. This notes section shows for each agent on a sale, and this way I’m able to add any reminders I may need before closing a sale. Before I had notes like this in a separate document, but with this feature I’m able to see them as I’m working in the closing, which has definitely helped my efficiency and accuracy when closing out sales.
  13. The miscellaneous sales section works well for us. Profit Power has the capability to calculate each transaction properly depending on the transaction type.
  14. The rules within the Misc Sales property types are super helpful in ensuring the correct parameters are applied for each specific transaction. There is less room for error.
  15. The support team is exceptional any time I have any issue they are quick to respond and help me with my issues.
  16. Lantrax has the ability to customized reports with a quick turnaround.
  17. The automatic OTB function has been super helpful, as some agents have specific requests for an OTB being paid out elsewhere. With the feature, the specific amounts the agents request be taken are applied automatically. This has limited errors on my end, as before I was manually calculating and applying the OTB for each specific agent’s requirements.