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Purchased by Lantrax to Enable Web Based Technology

To the Future

To the Future

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Management Software to Serve Broker/Owners of Real Estate Brokerage Companies

We Have Offered BOS the Back Office System

REAL/Easy Management Software is developer and service company that focuses on real estate back office operations. With BOS, our goal has been to help you run a smarter company.

However, to run a smarter company customers have requested more advanced back office features and internet based apps and connections that BOS is not able to provide but are needed to compete in the future.

To provide for this the support and servicing of BOS customers was offered and purchased by Lantrax in New York who offers the cloud based Profit Power Back Office along with the complete set of web based apps that BOS customers have been requesting.

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The path to the Future is Provided by Lantrax

Real/Easy and Lantrax have been working together to enable the migration from BOS to the Lantrax cloud based Profit Power. This enables BOS customers to obtain needed apps to help them compete and run a smarter company. Some key features include:

  • Complete BackOffice Enterprise System
  • Web based reporting for all levels of management.
  • Web based reporting for agents and teams.
  • Connections for importing listings and sales from TM apps.
  • Financial Journal posting to financial accounting systems.
  • Automated report and event reporting for all company levels.
  • Automated referral interfacing & tracking with relocation apps.
  • Automated Agent Account Collection from Credit Cards.
  • Direct Deposit commission payments to agents and brokers.

25 + Years of Management Software Service and Support